* A series of blog posts showing the interiors of this holiday home in Martinborough unfold*

For the opening of the shop’s new premises in town I had reworked an old 70’s dining table ( the ubiquitous ‘new’ mahogany table with pedestal base, extension leaf and claw feet and a variation on balloon back chairs usually draylon covered ) painting it matte black below the top and sanding the table to a natural wood finish. It receives a lot of attention and compliments in the shop so I decided to do it again here with a slightly more robust finish – we have waxed it. Basically this look can be achieved in an afternoon, so it is a greatly satisfying process. I do not bother to strip it back – I slap on a couple of coats of the paint and if it gets worn and chipped I give it another quick coat.

As I am not really into matching pairs or sets except in very formal situations, I decided that our dining chairs would all be different with a nod to the past or to the natural. I also know from bitter experience haunting second hand and antique shops that when you want two of something you often just find the ‘odd’ one – so this celebrates the odd one - and I love chairs!! Over the next six weeks we found chairs in elm, oak and lovely old pressed Bentwoods, rushed ladder-backs, all pieces of art on their own, a nod to workmanship and a country feel. They have of course all been cleaned up, strengthened, seats replaced where absolutely necessary and make a charming but comfortable motley crew.

Part of what needs to be considered here is that right behind the inside dining area is the outside dining area on the deck and one has to work hard to avoid the boredom of two ‘sets’ of dining tables and chairs. I am not a fan of a bench at a table because whilst it may be great for accommodating plenty of small kids it is not exactly conducive to lingering over meals as it lacks comfort and back support. So inside is vintage and outside will be modern and rustic combined – more about that later.

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