* A series of blog posts showing how the interiors of this holiday home in Martinborough unfold*

The master bedroom was a vision in a lime wallpaper that is not to our liking so removing it is the first thing that happens once we have moved the furniture into the house – that and sanding of the lime green enamel coat on the window surround. Both are completed on day 1 with primer and sealer – it is all going back to white and will look so much better in no time at all.

My design for this room is based around a display length of Designers’ Guild fabric that really does it for me – it combines my love of gardening with my preference for black and white and lets me go a little crazy with pink – I’m not a pink girl – I like it in other people’s places but I thought I’d risk it. I have to say I love the result. As well as a display length I also had one of the Designer's Guild sheer and I decided early on I would take these two drops, bulk them up with cheap fabric so that I could actually cover the window and run them along the whole wall as one curtain if necessary.

So the two drops of the black and white Ticking, run into the floral in the same curtain and can be attached at the top to the sheer – floor to ceiling wall to wall this is the foundation. From there knowing all the bedding would be white and in this room it would have black border, I took the black and white stripe, added scale and a Warwick black and white stripe fabric, Della colour Platinum, to make the removable bedhead cover – a speciality of Urban Mythology . Then with the bones of the bedroom in place the more decorative aspects begin. A lumbar of the curtain fabric was always going to tie in the colours as the foremost cushion on the bed and behind that we needed more solid colour , punch and texture. Solid hot pink in velvet euros with a DG black, white and yellow check for the backs with a black bobble for some fun and the bed is dressed.

Some people like a comforter or blanket on the end of the bed but in these small rooms I prefer to maintain the appearance of space by just having the white duvet cover. One thing about duvet covers is that the base is then exposed and I am not a fan of the white ridged padded valances that are popular at the moment. So back into that pile of fabrics and out comes a Unique fabric with black and white large scale plants and fruit – very Manuel Canovas – the labour saver here is not to try and make a fitted valance but, because this is a last minute detail, to sew a very long strip at 40cms deep and then cheat by stapling it to the base – easily enough removed when it needs to be laundered.

Bedside tables here are second hand painted white and knobs replaced (more costly than the drawers), a great simple pair of lamps and the odd piece of Art glass that I seem to be accumulating –all help to bring it together.

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