* A series of blog posts showing the interiors of this holiday home in Martinborough unfold*

The feature wallpaper in the third bedroom, now dubbed the Parrot Room is a vibrant exotic birdscape, with matching painted battens to create a wall panelling effect. This battening was driven by necessity as the wall paper was again a leftover with damaged edges and not quite wide enough to fill the wall. So I decided that the faux panelling would look great and meant that the unmatched wall paper would be forgiven, indeed would go unnoticed. The bright red cotton bedhead is slightly further up the wall here to cover the fact that the wall paper stops about there and thankfully we do not have one of those annoying windows over the bed!! Velvet curtains - a costly too short mistake on a job that fit perfectly here are again all pulled to one side and on the other side, two sheer drops so that on this, the sunny northern side of the house we can keep it covered one way or the other. Finally the contrast red and green velvet cushions with pom pom trim add a tactile, warm finish all serving to give that wallpaper impact. As the moving in day loomed and I hadn’t managed to win all the bedside tables I wanted I ended up buying a couple of cabinets that were reasonably similar and gave them a paint job that recognised their similarity with a difference – all good fun in unequal colour banding

I live by the recycling reusing adage and have a tendency to hold onto things and I am glad that this house provided me with the challenge to use up all the bits and pieces of fabric acquired and hoarded over the last few years in an exciting and fun manner. Of course, now that the basics are in place I will be unable to stop myself adding to it and playing with more detail.

What has been a real success is the combination curtains where a drop of the expensive curtain fabric has been used as the focus or feature of the room and added enough colour and or pattern without doing the entire curtain. It is an effect we have already used since this house and which I am sure we will be using again in future.

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